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Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek n.v. Belgium

VITO is a leading independent European research and consulting centre developing sustainable technologies in the area of energy, environment, materials and remote sensing. VITO provides intelligent and qualitative solutions that increase the competitive advantage of large and small companies. It also provides objective research, studies and advice enabling industry and government to establish future policy. VITO counts approximately 550 highly qualified employees from diverse specializations.

One of VITO’s research groups is the Centre for Best Available Techniques (BAT-centre). This centre collects information concerning environmental friendly techniques, evaluates BAT by industrial sector (IPPC and non-IPPC/SMEs), and formulates BAT recommendations for the Flemish authorities, for sectors/companies and for regional authorities around Europe. It plays two roles in the “Seville-process”, i.e. the process of putting IPPC into practice. On the input side, VITO delivers high quality information to the European IPPC Bureau to support the development of the BAT Reference documents (BREFs). VITO also represents the Belgian (Flemish) authorities in the European exchange of information on BAT. On the output side, VITO disseminates the results of the information exchange on BAT to industry and authorities in Flanders, through information sessions, workshops and training.

VITO has used its Flemish experience to develop international projects to assist other national, regional and local authorities to set up a highly efficient BAT-practice system and to implement the IPPC Directive.


Contact details: 

Caroline Polders

BAT Centre


Boeretang 200, 2400 MOL, Belgium

Tel. + 32 14 33 59 42

Fax. + 32 14 32 11 85

caroline [dot] polders [at] vito [dot] be